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In the Kitchen with the Kitchen Witches - Oregano and Rosemary by Heather

In my garden, both needed trimming back, and I thought someone might be interested in what I do with these.

I first explain to the plants what I would like to do and why, as they know me they are usually happy for me to trim…in fact they show me the bits to take.

Some sprigs have the leaves removed and their stems placed in water, on my kitchen altar (which gets a lot of sunlight). Any that grow roots will get planted into pots later in the summer. I do talk to them whilst doing this, saying about planting them, I have a little chant I use, if this feels right for you make up a little ditty to say to your cuttings.

The oregano leaves are being dried, to use for cooking when the fresh isn’t available.

Some of the rosemary gets broken up, to help release its oils, put in a bowl, covered with olive oil, and placed over a saucepan containing boiling water, to infuse. Most of this will be used in cooking or as salad dressing, but a small bottle will be kept aside, to use for anointing myself or candles…or anything else I feel would benefit from it! Again, during the preparation, I do talk/chant to let this rosemary know how it will be helping me.

The two larger springs are perfect for one of my house protection spells. I make these each year, taking down the old one with thanks for it’s work, then making the new one, talking as I do this to let the rosemary what I want it to use its energy for. This year the ribbon I chose is green – known by a very select few as Eric’s ribbon – my homage and apology to Eric, as well as feeling the colour needed for this year is abundance and harmony (which green signifies to me). This gets hung on a hook by my Kitchen window, which is next to our front door.

Magical properties

Oregano – protection, stops those that would interfere with your life, healing, courage, happiness, creativity, travel, communication, peace, love, prophetic dreams.

Rosemary – protection, healing, general all-rounder as can be used as a substitution for many other herbs, memory, loyalty, love, purification, exorcism, sleep.

***Follow the link to watch Heather as she chats about Rosemary and Oregano and how she incorporates it into her magical workings***

Sources –

A Kitchen Witch’s World of Magical Plants & Herbs by Rachel Patterson

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