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Enchanted Healing Water by Heather

Having been unwell recently, I thought I would share a simple spell which I have been working.


A glass of water (that’s it!)

I prefer to use a glass, but you can use a plastic bottle if it’s all you have. Water is the perfect liquid to imprint with your intentions, so this spell is super simple but instantly powerful.

If you wish to investigate the energy signatures that can be imprinted into water, search online the work of Masaru Emoto who was a businessman born in Yokohama, Japan. During the 1990s, after receiving the rights to a magnetic resonance analyser, he started studying and experimenting with water crystals, with the results later published in a book called. “Hidden Messages in water”.

However, Emoto was not a scientist, and his work was not peer-reviewed nor evaluated in any conventional way by scientists. It is worth looking at the pictures he took, showing the difference in the forming crystals between water that is positively charged, compared to some that is treated harshly.

Hold the glass of water between your hands. Close your eyes as you raise as much energy as you can (I raise energy through my feet from the earth and send it out through my hands) and picture the outcome that you want. Do this for at least 2 minutes.

For me I have been saying –

My lungs are clear and healthy.

Once you have enchanted the water, drink it within the hour for optimal results.

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