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Crystal Grid & Rune for August by Ness

I say this every month – but August??!! Sheesh! 2021, slow down please!

As I type this, we are approaching the end of July and it is hot and sunny here is the UK – at last! Not that I’m a particular fan of the heat - it has me scurrying for the shade - but it is lovely to see the flowers in bloom and the gardens alive with birds, bees and butterflies. The grain in the fields near to me are ripening lovely now – the gold hues of the barley, wheat and rapeseed. Thoughts are turning to Lughnasadh and the first harvest.

I think back to Imbolc and the seeds that we planted for new beginnings and ideas. How are they doing? Are they coming to fruition? What worked? What didn’t? Hopefully some of those seeds that we planted are ripening nicely!? … so, this sees this month's theme of ‘abundance’

Crystal Grid for Abundance

Elestial Smokey Quartz – for transformation

Orange Calcite – to promote positive energies

Malachite – for growth

Chrysoprase – attract abundance

Rhodochrosite – pursue your dreams

Dumortierite – aids in patience

Clear Quartz – for amplification

Rune for August

The rune for August is Jera – the rune of the Harvest. It is the rune of fruition, of the life cycle of things, reaping what we sow and coming full circle.

When we draw Jera, we can ask the following:

“We’ve sown the seeds of new ideas – how did the end result pan out?”

“What do you hope to achieve next?”

“Tomorrow is a new day, learn from today – be it a good day (or bad) and move on to a new day with a fresh mind and outlook.”

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