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Cord Cutting by Heather

Spiritual cord cutting can detach you from things, people, ideas, addictions, and even fears.

As with any spell work, don’t cut a tie with something angrily. We’re incapable of knowing the whole picture of someone else’s life, and there may be a hidden reason why they behave the way they do. Additionally, as time passes, you may realise that you were the problem, not them, so it’s a good idea to leave a neutral ambience.

When is a cord cutting needed?

Here are a few examples of signs of you may be attached to unwanted energy cords -

Obsessive thoughts of person, place, or thing.

Negative self-talk or feelings from said person, place, or thing.

You feel sick or drained when you think or spend time with certain people, things or in certain places

Despite cutting mundane contact, the attachment reappears.

You avoid places the attachment may appear or come up, or you no longer do things you love doing.

You have repeating dreams about the attachment.

You feel like less of a person from the attachment's influence.

Even though you feel you've moved on from an attachment, you find scenarios or life lessons repeating in your life that just don't seem to go away. You cannot find peace or forgiveness with your attachment.

Any thought of the attachment makes you anxious, tired, or physically sick.

So how do you do cord cutting?

It is likely if you asked 20 witches this question, that you’ll get different, as well as multiple answers, from each of them!

To start I will mention the mundane things you also need to do –

Verbally saying goodbye and reaffirming your intent to let it/them go.

Returning any physical property, that you may have, that belongs to whomever you want to detach from, such as material possessions, gifts, or money. Either return them, give them to charity or get rid of them.

Blocking all forms of contact, including social media.

However, you can cut cords to just remove a specific trait, action or reaction and not the whole person or situation. This is why it is important to not do this spell in the heat of the moment, as you may find that your relationship becomes at best different but could become unsustainable altogether.

Looking at the information available, I have included the most commonly shared methods, as well as Rachel’s ritual from her book Curative Magic.

One of the simplest ways you can cut cords is by mentally visualizing in your head. Take some deep slow breaths, close your eyes, and see a root going from your feet down into the earth, giving you stability and sharing Mother Earth energy with you. When you’re ready visualise the cord that is linking you to whatever you wish to detach from. What colour is it? How thick/the texture of the cord?

Once you have a clear image of it, you have a choice of options of how to deal with it –

Say to the image you are taking your energy back, seize the cord nearest to the person/object and pull it away from them, feeling yourself reabsorb your energy.

Do the above but also detach the cord from you, visualise dropping it and it being absorbed into the earth.

When you have a clear image, imagine holding a huge pair of scissors, an enormous knife, or a sword, using this to sever the cord.

If you work with Angels, Arch Angel Michael is the one to call on to help with cord cutting.

Whichever method you use, remember to seal the hole on yourself where the cord was attached, visualise it healing over filled with light (colour of your choice), or imagine stitching it closed.

Candle Spell

Some shops sell candles in two’s, attached by their wicks, like those in the picture below from Starchild, Glastonbury.

However, two separate candles can be used, and may be more effective, as you can incorporate colour magic, choosing one colour for yourself, another for the item you’re attached to, plus another colour for the tread, which you tie to each of the wicks.

Place the candles, with a gap between them, in a secure flameproof dish. Visualise that the wick/thread is the cord binding you to what you want to release.

When ready to see that cord severed, light the wick/thread, watch as the candles become separate and burn down, the unwanted cords energy dissipating into the sky to be dealt with by Universal Energy. You could make this into your own full ritual, asking for help from your deity of choice.

Release the bindings ritual

by Rachel Patterson from her book Curative Magic

This ritual is set with the intent of letting go, releasing, purifying, and cleansing all that no longer serves you. Just remember that when you have a clear out of negative energy it leaves a void, so you need to fill that with positive intentions.

The Sumerian goddess Inanna lends her energy to this ritual. She is excellent to help strip things down to the core and removing that which is not needed. The ritual helps release you from all that binds you.

The ritual can be done using the items listed below or you can sit quietly in your space and just visualise the whole thing.

You will need:

A small dish of water with a pinch of salt added

A black candle

A white candle

Dark coloured thread or twine (natural fibre, that will burn)

A fireproof dish


Lighter or matches

Something to eat and drink

Cast your circle:

Walk around in a circle deosil (clockwise) or turn on the spot around if you are limited for space and visualise a soft glowing light forming a circle around you. As you walk the circle sprinkle the saltwater to create the boundary. When the circle is complete, visualise the light forming above you and below you to form a globe.

As you cast the circle say:

Circle of light

Circle of peace

Circle of protection

Circle this place.

Call the quarters:

Turn and face each compass direction in turn, starting with the North and working deosil (clockwise). North is earth, East is air, South is fire and West is water. As you face each compass direction in turn say:

Element of Earth, bringing stability and grounding

Please join me in this place,

Blessings of Earth.

Element of Air, bringing peace and clarity

Please join me in this place,

Blessings of Air.

Element of Fire, bringing energy and passion

Please join me in this place,

Blessings of Fire.

Element of Water, bringing emotion and calm

Please join me in this place,

Blessings of Water.

As you light the black candle, say:

I call upon the ancient and wise goddess Inanna,

And ask that you bring your strength, guidance, and support

To assist me with this rite,

Blessings to you.

Sit for a few moments and focus on the things that no longer serve you, those that hurt or damage you. What do you want to release or get rid of?

Then take the thread and wrap it around your ankles (if it is easier, you can just tie it around one ankle, rather than both). Say:

“These are the bindings that stop me from moving forward in my life”.

Then tie the thread around one of your wrists (if you are working this ritual with another person present, they can tie both of your wrists and ankles for you and do the cutting. But if you are on your own one wrist and one ankle are easier!).

Say, “these are the bindings that stop me from taking hold of my own life and decisions”.

Take the scissors.

Cut the threads that bind your ankle, say “I cut the ties that bind me, may I walk free”.

Take the thread and light it in the candle flame and then drop it into the fireproof dish.

Cut the threads that bind your wrist, say “I cut the ties that bind me, I now take control”.

Take the thread and light it in the candle flame and then drop it into the fireproof dish.

Now light the white candle and take a few moments to visualise a white light emanating from the candle and washing over you, bringing positive confident energy to you.

Take a sip of your drink, raising your glass to Inanna.

Take a few bites of your food.

Then close the ritual:

Face the centre and hold your arms wide, say:

My thanks to you, great goddess Inanna,

For your strength, guidance and wisdom,

Please continue to guide and support me,

With blessings and thanks.

Face each direction in turn starting with West and working widdershins (anti clockwise), saying:

Element of Water

My thanks for lending your energy today,

Blessings of Water.

Element of Fire

My thanks for lending your energy today,

Blessings of Fire.

Element of air

My thanks for lending your energy today,

Blessings of Air.

Element of Earth

My thanks for lending your energy today,

Blessings of Earth.

Then walk the circle widdershins (anti clockwise), say:

Circle of light

Circle of peace

Circle of protection

Circle this place,

This circle is now open but never broken!

Pour the rest of your drink and crumble some of your food onto the earth as an offering to Inanna.

Dispose any remainder of the burnt threads in the trash or flush them down the toilet.

You can watch a chat about this blog here

Sources and further reading –

Curative Magic: A Witch’s Guide to Self Discovery, Care & Healing by Rachel Patterson

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