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Ceres by StormloverWolf

Ceres was a Roman Goddess of agriculture, grain crops, fertility and motherly aspects. Credit is given to Ceres for the discovery of 'spelt' being wheat, the yoking of Oxen which means the beam of wood that is in front of the animals and in between them so two can work together whilst ploughing. The sowing, nurturing and care of the seeds to fruition as well as the amazing gift of 'agriculture' to the world where before it was thought that humankind lived only on acorns with no set up laws to govern them.

Ceres was the protector of all of agriculture from sowing the first seeds to harvesting the crops in the fall. Every January, Ceres was gifted with spelt wheat as well as a pregnant sow. There was a sacrifice of the sow and what was deemed important were the entrails that were placed in an earthenware pot. Ceres needs were simple and she was content with little of her own, as long as everything offered to her was “pure”.

There was a festival held for Ceres called Cerealia that was always held from mid to late April that included all kinds of circus games. Festivities began with a horse race, and following that foxes were let loose unfortunately with their tails set with lighted torches to ward off pests and add warmth to the fields growth. No, I do not like that part at all, or live sacrifices...just sayin...

Ceres being a Goddess of fertility as well, also managed the changes in the females from childhood into womanhood, single to married and on into motherhood. She was also guardian to those having died, she would assist them into the afterlife hoping to keep them from haunting from being unable to pass.

Take some time and research this lovely goddess Ceres.

Written by Stormloverwolf ♥

Sources: The White Goddess

Crystal Vaults


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