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'Best Before Date' Kitchen Witchery by Heather

I looked for something in my kitchen cupboards and realized they needed a sort out! Having been making jam/chutney and other items ready for winter and Yule, these had all been stored but meant usual items had been pushed aside.

Once the cupboards were tidy, I was left with several things that needed to be used quickly as coming to the best before date…

A packet of chocolate chips, 200g/7 oz ground almonds and 265g/9 oz gluten free flour.

Magical properties –

Chocolate – prosperity, positive energy, happiness, love.

Almonds – love, prosperity, intuition, passion, wealth.

GF flour – prosperity, fertility, protection, grounding, strength, stability.

Now these could be made into several things, however I was still in the process of cleaning the kitchen so wanted something simple to put in the oven and so biscuits/cookies were an obvious choice.

Into the mixer went these three ingredients with (now it gets tricky because I didn’t measure the next two) sugar – about 2 tablespoons and sunflower oil, which I added slowly as it was mixing until the consistency looked about right. Pressed this into a baking tray, placed in the oven at 200C/400F/gas mark 6 for 15 minutes. Brought out, cut in the tin whilst hot and left to cool.

There are not many left!! They have a shortbread texture and have been so popular family have asked me to make more. Happiness is when we can whip up something from a few items and bring joy to our kin.

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