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Bath Potions by Gyspy Willowmoon

Hey Guys! Its Gypsy,

My daughter has recently entered into the journey of teen - Complete with skin eruptions, moods and emotional reactions...

She asked for some Witchy skincare help, as she has become sensitive and itchy over the last few weeks.

She enjoys a bath, don't we all?

We looked at the shower gels and bubble baths that she uses, and concluded that we would make some of our own skin friendly bath potions.

I love to work with bath milk recipes, whether for relaxation or working magic. The reason being, that milk has a n active ingredient called  Alpha Hydroxy Acid, which dissolves the proteins that hold dead skin cells together, allowing for them to be scrubbed away. Corn starch, also soothes and calms irritated or dry skin conditions.

Below is our basic recipe:

Store in an air tight container and use within 3 weeks of making.

1 1/2 cups of fresh or full fat powdered milk

1/2 cup Baking soda

1/2 cup Corn starch

15-20 drops of essential oil(s)

Herbs and flowers of intent - optional

crystal chips  - optional

Allow to settle for 24 hours before adding to the bath

Match your intent to your potion mix... Inspiration below.

Basil - Full of antioxidants, nutrients, - Great for acne, blackheads and pimples.

Mint - soothing, money drawing, prosperity, tightens skin, awakens sexual desire, recharges energy, aids physical vigour & attracts love.

Rose - relaxing, good luck, health, love of all kinds, hydrating.

Orange - Uplifting, sun energy, anti inflammatory, stimulates, luck, money.

Marshmallow leaves - soothing, healing, insect stings, skin irritation.

Bergamot - Soothes & hydrates.

Chamomile - Make a cup of tea, allow tea bag to cool then place on the skin - store in fridge.

aids meditation, sleep, luck , psychic attack, skin soothing.

Elderflower - Anxiety, calm, relaxing, joy, good health.

Lavender - Relaxing, calming, soothing, healing, skin issues, anxiety, sleep & inflammation.

Hemp seeds - Protection, manifestation, beauty, love.

has the same qualities of amplification & magnification that Quartz Crystals hold, making them ideal for POWER! The fibres inside Hemp seeds are hexagonal when sliced, rather than circular.

Chickweed - Irritation, allergies, moisturising.

Nettle - Soothes and protects the skin - macerated.

Oats - Combats irritation, soothes, hydrates &especially good for aiding the DREADED chicken pox itch...

Calendula - Skin food, repairs dry skin, reduces acne scars, anti bacterial, anti viral, anti fungal, soothes the itch.

Saffron - wealth, fortune, Cleopatra bathed in Saffron. Seduction, passion, quickens the blood.

Great for PMS or PMT  & menstrual cramping and bloating.

Choose the herbs, oils, crystal chips & flowers etc if adding, fill each item with your intent mix into the basic recipe blend above, you can add in a charm or rhyme that you repeat to charge the working , then allow to sit for 24 hours before adding to the bath.


Sources :

Hemp seeds - - Lisa Allen MH

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