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August 2022 Kitchen Witch Newsletter

August - The height of summer which we have certainly had in the UK recently and the beginning of the harvests. Lughnasadh or Lammas arrives – 31st July/1st August (pronounced loo-nah-sah). A time to celebrate the first harvest, we give thanks to the Earth for its bounty and beauty. Lughnasadh is associated with bread as grain is one of the first crops of the year to be harvested. August Magical Energy: Energy into harvesting; gathering, appreciating. Vitality, health, friendships. Count your blessings. Rachel x

Tiger's Eye from Sue Perryman

The humble and common crystal Tiger’s-eye is often overlooked by the rarer and more expensive crystals, but I love its powerful energy, and a quick look up of its properties reveals a fascinating crystal with amazing qualities. Tiger's eye is a chatoyance gem, which is the French word for “cat’s eye” an optical phenomenon that occurs when light reflects off the fibrous inclusions within the stone’s structure. As the light moves it can give the impression of movement on the surface of the stone. With its stunning brown and gold stripes, Tiger’s eye combines the energies of both the sun and earth. The ancient Egyptian’s believed it offered the protection of both Ra the Sun god and Geb the god of earth. It was also sacred to Sekhmet the powerful lion headed goddess of war and healing. Roman soldiers carried Tiger’s eye to give them courage and strength in battle. Traditionally Tiger’s eye was carried as a protective amulet against the evil eye. Meditating with Tiger’s eye can enhance psychic abilities, particularly when placed on the third eye. Tiger’s eye is an energizing crystal, which can help with overcoming fatigue and restoring vitality. This stone can activate clarity, concentration and intellect making it the perfect to keep on you when taking any exams or tests. A stone of balance, Tiger’s eye can help you to see both sides of any disagreements and bring harmony to families and relationships. This useful gem can help you to deal with lack of confidence or self-worth and lift your mood when needed. It can also help you to overcome feelings of jealousy. Tiger’s eye is powerful talisman for achieving success in any endeavours. It is believed that Tiger’s eye can reduce anxiety attacks, it may also give support while giving up unhealthy addictions, pushing you gently to success. Keep a Tiger’s eye in your purse/wallet to encourage wealth and prosperity. If you need to enhance your creativity, particularly if it is for a competition or you wish to sell your home-made wares to the public, Tiger’s eye will give you courage and help you to shine. Tiger’s eye comes in a few other colours. Blue, also known as Hawks eye, is a natural stone, while red and gold are heat treated. Blue Tiger’s eye is calming and good for releasing stress, anxiety and phobias. Red Tiger’s eye is a stimulating stone that can give you a boost of motivation when needed. Gold Tiger’s eye helps you to focus and pay attention to detail and is perfect for tests and meetings. As Tiger’s eye is such an active and energetic stone, it goes without saying, that this is not one to keep in your bedroom if you want a good night's sleep. As Tiger’s eye is connected to both the Fire and Earth elements it can be cleansed by incense smoke or buried in soil. It can also be charged in early morning sunshine. Tiger’s eye properties: Chakras: Root and Sacral Zodiac sign: Leo Element: Fire and Earth Planet: The Sun Magical Properties: Amplification, balance, harmony, releasing fears, calms anxiety, courage, strength, self-confidence, focus, creativity, optimism, self-worth, protection, psychic abilities, healing, wealth, money, opportunity, abundance, prosperity, luck, success, commitment, determination, support, clarity, vitality, motivation, grounding, patience.

Rune of the Month from Ness Armstrong

This month's rune is Thurisaz/Thurs - the rune of Thor and the Giants . This is the rune of change, of protection and of boundaries. I'm being called to focus on the aspect of protection and boundaries. Are your personal boundaries being compromised?.. Are you being pushed to do more than you would like to do, you maybe feel that you are not being listened to? The wolf on the oracle card asks you to listen closely to your intuition, he is also there as a protector. Protect your boundaries, ensure your voice is heard! Seek guidance if necessary from your deities.

Magical Gratitude from Heather Dewhurst

August for me is a month of harvesting and abundance! Whether from your garden, windowsill, allotment or foraging, Mother Nature is bestowing her gifts for us to enjoy now, as well to store for surviving through the colder months. I have always loved jam and chutney making, see blog posts (there are others too). However, this month is also a big reminder for me to be grateful, to give thanks for all that Mother Earth provides for us. It is my practice, related to this, that I would like to share with you this month, it is simple, and I’ve found has been much appreciated. Fill a jar or bottle (with a lid) with water, spring water if possible, or boiled and cooled tap water. Ground and centre yourself. Hold the jar/bottle between your hands, take a few deep breaths. Visualise energy from the earth coming up through your feet, rising up to your centre, then sky energy entering through your crown down to meet and swirl together with earth energy. Aloud or silently, say to this pulsating orb all that you are grateful and thankful for being given. When you feel it is time, visualize the orb sending your gratitude energy down your arms and into the water. Do this until you feel the water is full. Then see the energies going back to the sky and earth. If you still feel your orb has more, put your container down, hold your hands facing a few inches apart and visualise a ball of energy forming, fill this with your remaining gratitude energy, then throw it up into the sky to be released wherever it is needed. Let wherever you use your water your intention is to say thank you, then drizzle it on your garden, your houseplants, or when out for a walk, sprinkle it around the trees and wild flowers. When you feel ready, you can even use this visualisation with your watering cans around the garden, as the energy from the sky and earth will move with you, until you release the connection.

What's happening in nature this month from Ness Armstrong

As we approach the month of August, here in the UK, we are having hot, sunny days with temperatures not felt here before - up into the mid to high 30's. We have had many dry days and the grasses and the earth is parched. Flowers are in abundance now - the bees and butterflies and other insects are busy from first light to dusk and we finally feel that we are in the middle of our summer. In the fields, the grains are ripening fast, just last month they were still green and were starting to show tinges of yellowing with the warm sunny days. But today as I look out across the fields where I live, they are beautiful and golden and thoughts turn to Lughnasadh and the first harvest. In the hedgerows, blackberries are formed and some are starting to ripen. The long grasses are also yellowing with the lack of rain and the heat from the summer sun. Burdock is starting to flower now along with thistles - which the bees and butterflies just love! The elderflowers of June are now small elderberries, and just starting to ripen to a beautiful shiny black. Apples, crabapples and cherries are ripe now, although the apples need to grow for another month or so before they are ready to harvest. As all of nature is in abundance now, it is the perfect time to forage in nature for some flowers and plants for your magical workings. Be sure to ask the plant or flower before taking just enough for what you need and give thanks to the plant and an offering to Mother Nature - water the plants (they will be most grateful at this time of year) and perhaps leave some food out for the birds.

With blessings of the month from Rachel Patterson, Ness Armstrong, Sue Perryman, Heather Dewhurst

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