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A nature grid by Heather

Whilst out walking Bazzie this morning, I was drawn to all natures pretty things that were littering the path.  I collected acorns, knopper galls, hazel nuts, rose hips, haw berries and a pretty oak leaf, as I walked home looking at my assortment of fallen items, the idea came to me to make a grid of thanks for all that we are given.

I began by placing items to the four directions; North/Earth, East/Air, South/Fire and West/Water but then used my intuition to place the rest of them, whilst holding my intention of gratitude for what we have.

Of course, each of my finds will bring their own energies into my grid to augment my intention:

Acorns/oak leaves – security, abundance, protection, counteracts loneliness, illnesses, and pain, longevity, draws good luck, and preserves youth.

Hazel nuts – fertility, love, wishes, protection, luck, wisdom, divination, healing, prosperity, and inspiration.

Rose hips – love, protection, abundance, healing, peace, knowledge, knowledge, friendship, luck, death and rebirth.

Haw berries – happiness, fertility, love, protection, healing, forgiveness, hope and faerie magic.

Knopper galls - fertility, protection, courage and over-coming obstacles.


A kitchen Witch’s World of Magical Plants & Herbs by Rachel Patterson

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