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A Celebration Cake with a hint of Magic by Heather

My family, like most, love cake and chocolate, even more so when combined!  I thought it would be nice share our favourite, for you to try or adapt to your own preferences.  I make this gluten and dairy free.  I would not do well for my presentation on a baking show, as you can see from my picture, but it tastes really good, even if I do say so myself!



6 oz/170g gluten free flour

2oz/57g cocoa powder

6oz/170g caster sugar

8oz/226g vegetable shortening (fat)

4 large free-range eggs

1tsp baking powder

Fudge Icing

8oz/226g icing sugar/confectioners’ sugar

2oz/57g cocoa powder

Vegetable oil (I find that the amount you need to add will vary, with the temperature of the season)


Pre heat the oven to 180c(160c for fan)/350f/Gas mark 4.

Cream the shortening and caster sugar together, add the eggs one at a time, sifting a little of the dry ingredients (flour, cocoa & baking powder) into the mix between each egg.

Once combined, divide equally into two lined cake tins.

Place in the centre of the oven for approximately 30minutes, test to ensure cooked.  Remove and leave to cool.

For the fudge filling/icing, sift the icing/confectioners’ sugar and cocoa powder into a bowl.  Slowly add the vegetable oil, mixing until you get the consistency you want.  Once your cakes have cooled, use some to fill and sandwich the two cakes together, the rest spread over your cake.

Slice and enjoy!

Magical properties:

The gluten free flour I use contains rice, potato, tapioca, maize and buckwheat; therefore having the properties of grounding, prosperity, protection, stability, energy, healing, magic, abundance, wishes.

I use a rapeseed fat/oil, having the properties of prosperity, happiness, healing, energy, strength, confidence.

Cocoa provides corresponds with love, happiness, prosperity, protection.

Sugar for love, joy, happiness, the sweet things in life, wishes, protection.

Eggs add the energy of life, rebirth, new beginnings, fertility, creation.

Baking powder adds an extra boost to all of the above!


A Kitchen Witch’s World of magical Food by Rachel Patterson

The Encyclopedia of Magical Ingredients by Lexa Rosean Kitchen Witch Forum – In the Kitchen

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