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Pagan Portals Sulis (signed)

Pagan Portals Sulis (signed)

THIS IS FOR PRE-ORDER to be released 24th September 2024

Pagan Portals Sulis (signed copy)

Sulis is one of the very ancient English goddesses. From evidence found we know that she was worshipped at the hot springs in Bath, in the UK, going back to at least the Mesolithic period. What we know about her can only be gleaned from the archaeological finds at the Roman Baths in Bath and a few mentions in ancient Roman documents. What we do know is that she must have been extremely powerful, and her presence continues to carry that energy forward. The historical information in this book is drawn from archaeological finds and academic viewpoints from experts in their field. Little or nothing is known or has been found about the goddess herself, or how she was honoured. Drawing upon personal experience, this book gives you an introduction to connect with Sulis yourself and discover and create your own relationship with her. Let me introduce you to the solar goddess of the hot spring waters.

    Expected to be released 24th September 2024
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