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A hand crafted kit ready for you to create your own witch ladder.

he basic structure is that of braiding three, nine or twelve cords together, they can be made from string, ribbon or twine. 

The idea is to weave your spell into the cords as you plait, chanting as you go if you wish. 

Colour magic can be added in if you want to with the use of coloured ribbon, beads or feathers.   

Charms, buttons and bells can also be added in. 

Once your plait is done you can pop feathers or sprigs of herbs in between the threads to add intent to your spell.


You will receive:

3 pieces of crochet wool, 3 pieces of crochet twine, 3 pieces of ribbon of equal length

2 short pieces of twine or ribbon

3 feathers (pheasant)


  • Plait three pieces of twine together, three times – so that you have three plaits, put a knot in the top and bottom of each.
  • As you plait, visualise your intent and say a chant or state your intent out loud.
  • Now tie the tops together with your ribbon or twine.
  • Plait the three plaits together, visualising your intent, saying your chant or stating your intention out loud.
  • Now tie the bottoms together with your ribbon or twine.
  • Insert each feather into the finished plait, stating your intention out loud and sending energy into it.


Your ladder is now complete, pop it on your altar or hang it by your front door.

Witch Ladder Kit - Blue

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