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Second hand book:

The Tarot Oracle by Alice Ekrek - note this is a book, not a deck!

In today's modern age, divination practices may help us make good choices and bring the wisdom and perspective we need to understand what is truly beneficial in our lives. This book encompasses a wide range of practices, providing clear and comprehensive guidance. With a wealth of information and guidance on how to use various means of divination, readers are shown how to understand the methods and perform readings in each case. The principal sections are: Tarot, with a description of the deck and tips for use - examples of readings and spreads, including three-card, horseshoe, Celtic cross and astrological; Fortune telling with playing cards; Tasseomancy - the art of reading symbols formed by sediments in a teacup; Scrying - crystal gazing; I Ching; Numerology; Palmistry; Casting the runes; Astrology. Writer and astrologer Alice Ekrek is heavily involved in the astrological community and has studied the subject for over 15 years. She has served on the Astrological Association Council for 7 years, and guest edited a number of academic texts and astrological publications. Alice lives and works in Bath.

The Tarot Oracle book

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