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The Simple Sabbat by M Flora Peterson

The Simple Sabbat by M Flora Peterson


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Official description:

Are you looking for a simple and straight forward book about the eight Pagan holidays? M. Flora Peterson delivers a much needed and fresh approach to these holidays without the fluff found in many books presently on shelves. She is the new face of Paganism today and this book demonstrates only a fraction of what she has to offer. The Simple Sabbat is a collection of simple eclectic Sabbat rituals, recipes and crafting ideas that anyone can use to celebrate the eight Pagan holidays. Families, solitary Witches and covens can use this book to find great ways to connect to the seasons and honor the turning of the Wheel. This book is also a great tool for parents to use to teach their children about these special days. What People Are Saying About The Simple Sabbat "This book is a must have for every Pagan household!" Melanie Wallace ~ Founder and Creator of "One Ascension" "Flora is the goddess of flowers, and flowers are the language of the goddess. Flowers say Love. Flora puts a little bit of happy into every day by following a spiritual path that has lightheartedness and hope. She is practical minded and easy going, and fills the pages of her book with good ideas to engage with the planet and the soul." Zsuzsanna Budapest ~ Founder of the Woman's Spirituality Movement and Dianic Tradition "What Flora has written here is treasure trove of much needed practical information. As an Earth Based Spiritualist with a busy and fast paced life, this will be my "Go-To" reference and practical guide book for all Sabbat activities throughout the year. One of the many things that I love about Flora is that she has the unique ability to make spiritual advice accessible to everyone. She has succeeded in writing a useful and no-nonsense handbook for the wheel of the year. Flora has been a personal inspiration and is always the consummate expert at giving stimulating, valuable and informative spiritual advice while influencing me in countless ways. With this book, she has, once again, delivered and surpassed these expectations! Thank you, Flora." Hibiscus Moon ~ Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy Founder

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