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The Kitchen Cauldron by M S Saille

The Kitchen Cauldron by M S Saille

SECOND HAND BOOK - IN GOOD CONDITIONAll proceeds from the sale of our second hand books go to a local charityOfficial description:
Copy no. 415
Just the real thing, individually hand bound and numbered copies, completely irresistable to any Kitchen Witch this is written from decades of real experience and wisdom. 

"We are used to candles, crystals, incense, cards and mirrors as magical items, tools for use within a circle or place of clear intent, but how many of us use our cauldrons for more than containers of fire or the other elements? Our kitchens can also be neglected places as many people nowadays rely on fast 'convenience' foods - from tins and packets to microwave to mouth.

Be daring! Try something a little different.

This book is a little glimpse into 'charms' and cooking and how magical intent in the kitchen can conjure up some spellbinding results! From charms to poppets, recipes and recitations, all are included and hopefully both your magical creativity and your taste buds will be stimulated by the ideas included.

The major celebrations of the Wheel of the Year are also looked at, with ideas for both Altar decoration and suggestions for cakes and wine."

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