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Seasons of the Sacred Earth by Cliffe Seruntine

Seasons of the Sacred Earth by Cliffe Seruntine


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Official description:
This book lets you join the Seruntine family on a magical journey of green living at their homestead hollow in the Nova Scotia highlands. You can share their magical experiences as the family lives in harmony with the land and respects nature's spirits. Growing and hunting most of their food, Cliff and his family share hands-on practical home skills you can use, too. With a warm, personal style, Seasons of the Sacred Earth chronicles the Seruntine family's adventures following the old ways. They celebrate the Wheel of the Year by leaving apples for the Apple Man, offering faerie plates during Samhain, and spilling goat's milk for the barn bruanighe. In return, the land blesses them with overflowing gardens, delicious ales, and the safety of their farm animals. Through their journey, you'll discover the magical and the mystical are never farther than Earth and Sky.

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