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Lupa: She-Wolf of Rome and Mother of Destiny is an exploration of the goddess Lupa. From wet nurse to a founder of Ancient Rome to modern-day teacher of embodiment practices, Lupa is a powerful goddess who promotes a life lived on purpose and for those who desire to discover and manifest their unique destiny. Explore the mythos of Lupa and its meaning and importance for the Ancient Romans - as well as for you now. She is of central and vital importance not only to the history of Rome and the Ancient Roman empire but also to womankind. As an ambassador for the Wolf Genius and essence, Lupa now comes forth to support the empowerment and healing of the inner and outer wild, primal feminine. Her deep howl from the cave is a call to her pack, and it asks you to step forward in alignment with your truth. This book contains tools and practices to support you in your journey with Lupa as you take those steps. Retelling her story is testament to her invaluable role as Mother of Destiny.

Pagan Portals - Lupa

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