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The moon and witchcraft go hand in hand. Lady Lunar has long been both a guide and a companion, a sign by which we mark time, all the while she gently aids us in our explorations into the self and magical workings. She is a reflection of not only the sun’s light but also the endless cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth. The ebbing and flowing energy of the moon influences our thoughts and emotions. Many people believe that this energy can also bring change and enhance our own lives, through knowing when and how to use it. On Her Silver Rays: A Guide to the Moon, Myth and Magick is a collection of science, myth, poetry, and ritual. It will guide you through working with the different phases of the moon in order to gain a better sense of wellbeing. Discover how best to harness the lunar energies for healing and emotional strength, as well as physical and mental wellness. Deepen your connection with Lady Lunar through making your own ‘moon water’, prayer beads, incense and anointing oils. Through the keeping of a lunar diary, learn how to effectively manifest and release with the endless changing energies of the moon. Create your own unique moon names regardless of where you live. When you are ready to take your moon magick deeper, this book will guide you through the differing astrological signs, cosmic events, including Blue and Black Moons, as well as working with both solar and lunar eclipses, and even how to make your own Kamea of the Moon. More than just another book about working with the moon, On Her Silver Rays: A Guide to the Moon, Myth and Magick is an informative guide to developing a deep ultimate connection with our night time companion.

On Her Silver Rays

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