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Discover the Cat of the Night and the Cat of the Day. Over the centuries, the relationship between cats and humans has been one of profound change, of both darkness and light. In Ancient Egypt, we worshipped them as the physical embodiment of a goddess. In Medieval Europe, we tortured and punished them for being the familiars of witches. In the twenty-first century, we are obsessed with filming and posting their antics on social media. And while we may think of them as our pets, that doesn’t mean that we are in charge. Far from it. Cats know exactly how to get their humans to follow their orders! They have been an ongoing source of intrigue and mystery throughout human history. They are the stuff of myth and legend, as well as being our best friends. They sit among the stars and curl up on our laps. There is nothing so wonderful as the magic of cats.

Magic of Cats, The

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