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Paganism and libertarianism might seem like odd choices to bring together in a single book. One is a broad set of nature-centric religious and spiritual practices, while the other is a fairly narrow political philosophy focusing on personal freedom and responsibility. But as a member of both communities, author Logan Albright has been unable to shake the feeling that they actually have more in common than most people realize. Libertarian Paganism posits that there is a fundamental sympathy between these two apparently unrelated belief systems, and that a set of shared values might attract politically homeless pagans to libertarianism, or spiritually homeless libertarians to paganism. These values include respect for the individual, the importance of consent, the freedom to express views which are out of the mainstream, tolerance and inclusion, and a healthy skepticism towards the powerful. Libertarian paganism is, in Albright's experience, a way of life that is both personally empowering and deeply ethical, two qualities towards which the author likes to think we are all striving. It is the author's hope that readers of any political or spiritual persuasion will find something here of use, or at least thought provoking, in the development of that personal philosophy we all need to work on continually if we are to live lives of meaning and purpose.

Libertarian Paganism

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