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'Modernity was born with the advent of liberalism, and that in turn rested on one major insight: people who are different, who disagree, can coexist and build a beautiful civilization. No need to burn heretics or cast out people based on belief systems or other arbitrary categories. Human dignity can be universal. It's remarkable to me that we would need to restate these points, but we do, which is precisely why Logan Albright's book is so essential. Conformity is not the basis of social order; rather we need tolerance, robust debate, and mutual respect. That's not a radical proposition, except that these days it is. Albright's clarion call to recommit to fundamental values strikes all the right notes.' Jeffrey Tucker, American Institute for Economic Research
Everyone knows that being different is a good way to be unpopular, but what if you're so different that people think you are an actual servant of evil? Conform or Be Cast Out is a history of humankind's tendency not only to shun nonconformists, but to label them as devils, demons, and Satan worshippers. Beginning with scapegoats and devil figures in folklore and mythology, the book moves on to look at other aspects of nonconformity such as witchcraft, the Inquisition, spiritualism and medical conditions once mistaken for lycanthropy, vampirism, and demonic possession before concluding with a discussion on aspects of contemporary culture ranging from heavy metal music to zombie movies.

Conform of be cast out

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