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A Witches' Garden by Trish Breedlove

A Witches' Garden by Trish Breedlove


All proceeds from the sale of our second hand books go to a local charity

Official description:
Trish Breedlove invites us to take a walk with her. I suggest you do just that. In her newest book, A Witches Garden, not only does she share with us her passion for gardening, nature, and the promotion of peace within and without, she also invites you as a guest in her kitchen. From the very basics of where to place your garden, how big should it be, what plants should you include all the way down to how to use the bounty of your harvest, Trish leaves no stone unturned and the only questions that remain are; When will you start your own?, and What are you waiting for? An accomplished cook, well seasoned practitioner of Magick, lover of the earth and student of peace Trish Breedlove presents a book that is wonderful for the first time gardener, very useful for the garden to table chef, and anyone interested in the practical uses of Magick in ways that make life better for themselves, and all lovers of peace. I know you will read this book and put it down changed for the better.

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