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White Howlite by Vanessa Armstrong

It was my birthday on April 1st and I was blessed to be gifted, from a very dear friend of mine, a beautiful white howlite skull.

I’m a bit of a fan of skulls - not real ones, I hasten to add. I used to collect and was given, all sorts of different ones - pewter gothic ones, Celtic tribal tattooed ones, skulls with ornamental ravens on top, alchemy gothic worry stones etc... 

Although I still have them all, I prefer to collect the crystal variety. I only have one other to date - blue apatite but this white howlite one was a crystal skull that I have wanted to get for a while, so was very pleased when I received it.

Holding the crystal in my hands, I closed my eyes and let the words and feeling come to me... clarity, understanding, expression, thoughts, healing, intuition.

Howlite originates from Canada and depending on the grade, will be of varying shades of white. Mine is a good grade of howlite - snow white colour with grey markings and opaque. It is also a stone that can be dyed - very often you will see the blue variety or maybe a red one.

Howlite has many properties - mainly to do with helping stress, anxiety and tension. It will calm and soothe the mind and in turn, aid a restful night’s sleep. Feel angry? or aggressive? White howlite can remove those feelings. Hold one in each hand, sit and close your eyes and feel the energies of this wonderful stone work to calm and restore feelings of calm and placidness.

Howlite does have properties relating to clarity, understanding, expression and thought which was what I felt while holding it. If you’re seeking inspiration or motivation, this is one to work with. It allows you to understand what it is you want from life and from others and yourself and gives you the confidence to go for it. It lets you express yourself verbally too - freely and effectively.

Howlite can help with your metabolism and to heal various skin conditions as well as promote a healthy skeleton. It can assist with purifying the blood system and to reduce pain associated with the muscles.

White Howlite also has some wonderful magical properties -

Energy - Protective

Element - Earth

Planet - Moon

Powers - Patience and Peace

Focusing on howlite can assist while journeying allowing you insight to past lives. Burning a grey candle too will amplify your experience.

I referred back to my blog post on my blue apatite crystal skull and it was interesting to read that my thoughts on that crystal almost mirrored this one - thought, intuition, knowledge, higher self and inspiration. I definitely think the skull aspect of the crystals tie in with the crystals own properties - harmonizing with them and giving you a focus to understand how each one works for you...

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