Vanadinite by Gypsy WillowMoon

Barrel shaped & hollow prismatic crystals and masses.

Common source - Morocco, New Mexico, Arizona - USA

Astrological associations -Virgo

Healing qualities - helps thinking processes, and reaching your goals.

Good for spendaholics.

Physically - Good for the health of lungs and bladder.

Helps exhaustion, asthma, breathing/breath control.

Emotionally/spiritually - Good for meditation.


Mohs scale hardness 3-4

Excellent stone for writers who want to get a lot done, or who are suffering from writer’s block.

Stimulates you mentally.

Sleeping with a piece under your pillow, helps you to wake feeling energised.

Prompts action.

When the high levels of creative energy from this stone fills your auric field, it will aid your self-expression and help you to be more effective.

Colours vary from Ruby red, orange, orange red, yellow brown or red brown.

Part of the Apatite family of stones, is a mixture of a number of minerals including vanadium - which is what it was named for, also contains lead, oxygen and chlorine.

Connects you to the earth star chakra - which helps you to totally ground yourself physically.

It imparts drive and determination, along with the vitality needed to sustain you when taking action.

Via the crown chakra, it brings in a powerful spiritual energy that promotes deep peace within.

Promotes thriftiness

Helps develop psychic powers

Strong grounding stone.

Helps stop the chatter and thoughts that can hinder meditation.

Stimulates the pineal gland.

Aids hormonal imbalances.

Helps ladies going through the menopause.

Aids dysfunctions of the bladder.

Protects against the radiation given off by computers and screens and other electrical appliances.

Try combining with - Blue apatite, Ioloite, Lapis Lazuli, Rainbow moonstone, Dumortierite, labradorite - for developing psychic gifts.

For manifesting money - crocite, orange zincite, orange calcite, cerussite, carnelian and sphalerite

To boost energy levels Tiger Iron

For deeper meditation experiences - sunstone or creedite

To keep you grounded - Bloodstone, black spinel, black agate, pyrite, flint, axinite.

Vanadinite is strongly associated with the element of fire and the sacral chakra, boosts creativity and is a big energy booster.

Helps you to be more focused on the task in hand, clearing any blocks especially those impeding creativity.

)O( Gypsy Willowmoon Xx


crystal healer - Philip Permutt

Crystal muse - Heather Askinosie &Timmi Jandro

Image - Wikipedia

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