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Transition is a silent flight, Owl by Starlit

In many traditions owls are symbolic of death, although most do not take this as literally meaning the grim reaper is visiting! Most see the spirit of the owl as meaning a transition in life, important changes are taking place, or about to happen.

Perhaps you are about to leave some old habits, a situation that no longer serves you or you’re about to bring something new into your life. Owl shows up when any of these things are happening.

Some believe you need to go through regular symbolic deaths to find spiritual growth. Change however needed, uncomfortable, smooth and rehearsed or chaotic and unexpected usually brings about growth. Do not fear change, do not fear the wisdom of Owl.

The owl for me is emblematic of a deep connection, as creatures of the night they offer wisdom and intuitive knowledge. Their laser precise vision offers the gift of guidance, the ability to see the true reality, beyond illusion and deceit, this is necessary to explore the unknown of spiritual growth and change, and to enjoy the magic of life.

I believe the owl also helps in making decisions, as we know change and growth can be confusing times. The owl by it’s very nature is such a skilled hunter and protective parent, they are able to assess a situation and use logic and understanding, all of which can bring some much needed control to a time of growth.

The owl watches from the heights of the canopy of the forest, he waits for the perfect moment and in complete silence he makes his move to get his prey.

The spirit of this beautiful creature has helped many uncover hidden potential and abilities. If Owl is your totem for this spiritual growth journey, try this exercise:

> Spend a day in quiet observation of the potential changes you wish to make to reach your spiritual growth goals. > At night, meditate in silence upon that which you want > Keep your secrets and your wisdom guarded until the right moment > Move swiftly into action

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