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Transformation Spell by Sue Perryman

You will need:

A raw egg and an egg cup or carton for it to stand up in

Kitchen roll

cotton wool

A few cress seeds (I’m using cress because it's easy, but you can use any fast-growing seeds)


A tiny crystal chip (not necessary, only if you have one)

A Black marker

A white candle in a holder

Incense (Below is a recipe for my own Transformation blend, but use what you have and go with your intuition)

Transformation Incense blend:




Dried orange peel

A couple of days before you are ready to do the spell carefully crack the egg in half (you only need one half of the shell so use the insides for cooking) Gently rinse out one half of the shell and leave it somewhere safe to dry out for a couple of days.

Set everything out and light your candle and incense. Look at the flame and think about the situation or attribute you wish to transform. Decide on a word or symbol that represents your goal (I used the rune Dagaz for transformation). Still thinking about your intent use the black marker to write your word or draw your symbol on the clean half egg shell and if you are using a tiny crystal pop it inside.

Wet a small piece of kitchen roll and carefully place it inside the egg shell, then wet some cotton wool and place on top of the kitchen roll. Sprinkle a few cress seeds onto the cotton wool and gently press them down with your finger.

Hold the egg shell in your hands, focus on your intent and pour the energy into the egg while saying:

'As I nurture these little seeds

bring the changes that I need

Little seeds grow and thrive

Bring transformation to my life'

When you are ready place the egg in the egg cup and place it on a sunny window sill. Check it every day and spray the seeds with a little water every day. Take note in your mind when the seedlings start to sprout and start to make the changes in your life towards realising your goal.

Your transformation will thrive along with your cress.

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