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To Aphrodite (A modern Hellenist's hymn) by Starlit

Libation of honey-sweetened red wine Incense of lavender, orange blossom and thyme

Born of genitals violence, pleasure and lust come forth Swell of sea foam on Cypriot stunning coast, beauty, love (Eros) and desire (Himeros) come forth Upon beauties head, towers of precious gold and wreath of sweet violet.   Around Her red rose scented neck and upon Her myrtle fragranced breast hang chains of stunning gold. And upon her desirable face, always a smile, black-eyed Goddess She who gives birth to all upon fruitful earth, depths of the sea and heaven on high. Your love charms madden beasts on shadowy vales to unbridled passions And couple lovers at night in flirtation and seduction. Riding swelling waves and rolling hills on your swan drawn chariot, Where doves take flight, hares fight and dolphins play.

Close your eyes... Taste chocolate and strawberries upon your tongue. Here's what love is; smoke made out of lover's sighs (Shakespeare) Come What May, O beautiful Goddess, bless us.

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