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Tigers Eye by Sue Perryman

The humble and common crystal Tiger’s-eye is often overlooked by the rarer and more expensive crystals, but I love its powerful energy, and a quick look up of its properties reveals a fascinating crystal with amazing qualities.

Tiger's eye is a chatoyance gem, which is the French word for “cat’s eye” an optical phenomenon that occurs when light reflects off the fibrous inclusions within the stone’s structure. As the light moves it can give the impression of movement on the surface of the stone.

With its stunning brown and gold stripes, Tiger’s eye combines the energies of both the sun and earth. The ancient Egyptian’s believed it offered the protection of both Ra the Sun god and Geb the god of earth. It was also sacred to Sekhmet the powerful lion headed goddess of war and healing.

Roman soldiers carried Tiger’s eye to give them courage and strength in battle.

Traditionally Tiger’s eye was carried as a protective amulet against the evil eye.

Meditating with Tiger’s eye can enhance psychic abilities, particularly when placed on the third eye. Tiger’s eye is an energizing crystal, which can help with overcoming fatigue and restoring vitality. This stone can activate clarity, concentration and intellect making it the perfect to keep on you when taking any exams or tests. A stone of balance, Tiger’s eye can help you to see both sides of any disagreements and bring harmony to families and relationships.

This useful gem can help you to deal with lack of confidence or self-worth and lift your mood when needed. It can also help you to overcome feelings of jealousy.

Tiger’s eye is powerful talisman for achieving success in any endeavours.

It is believed that Tiger’s eye can reduce anxiety attacks, it may also give support while giving up unhealthy addictions, pushing you gently to success.

Keep a Tiger’s eye in your purse/wallet to encourage wealth and prosperity.

If you need to enhance your creativity, particularly if it is for a competition or you wish to sell your home-made wares to the public, Tiger’s eye will give you courage and help you to shine.

Tiger’s eye comes in a few other colours. Blue, also known as Hawks eye, is a natural stone, while red and gold are heat treated.

Blue Tiger’s eye is calming and good for releasing stress, anxiety and phobias.

Red Tiger’s eye is a stimulating stone that can give you a boost of motivation when needed.

Gold Tiger’s eye helps you to focus and pay attention to detail and is perfect for tests and meetings.

As Tiger’s eye is such an active and energetic stone, it goes without saying, that this is not one to keep in your bedroom if you want a good night's sleep.

As Tiger’s eye is connected to both the Fire and Earth elements it can be cleansed by incense smoke or buried in soil. It can also be charged in early morning sunshine.

Tiger’s eye properties:

Chakras: Root and Sacral

Zodiac sign: Leo

Element: Fire and Earth

Planet: The Sun

Magical Properties:

Amplification, balance, harmony, releasing fears, calms anxiety, courage, strength, self-confidence, focus, creativity, optimism, self-worth, protection, psychic abilities, healing, wealth, money, opportunity, abundance, prosperity, luck, success, commitment, determination, support, clarity, vitality, motivation, grounding, patience.

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