Tibetan Black Quartz by Gypsy Willowmoon

A Master Healer that helps you to manifest divine health.

Found at altitudes of over 15,000 feet in the Ganesh Himal Mountain range that borders Tibet and Nepal - One of the most Sacred locations in the world.

Can also be found in Brazil, India, Namibia, Madagascar, Pakistan and Russia.

Mined by hand by Tibetan Monks, as machines cannot get to them.

Very high vibrational crystal, that is said to vibrate to OM when placed on the 3rd eye.

Contains inclusions of Hematite, carbon or water - It is not known what the black inclusions are that cause the patterns and layers within.

It focuses on the origin of health issues, sending healing straight to the source of the problem.

Defends from all kinds of psychic attack, helps to keep you away from harm at physical and spiritual levels.

They cleanse and purify the environment that you place it in and you.

Removes negative energies and places with positive.

Aids in support through change and transitions, fear, uncertainty or worry. Infuses you with courage and confidence to successfully overcome the feeling or situation.

Wearing brings complete centring of yourself, opening you up to channel information.

Helps to break mental blocks and is worked with for fasting and abstinence.

Work with for alignment, patience, perseverance, protection, dreams and astral projection.

Strengthens energy flow and creates an energy vortex which aids in clearing all unwanted energies.

Carrying or wearing a double terminated piece will create a "bubble of light" around the body, only allowing positive vibrations to enter the auric field.

Double terminated Tibetan Quartz can be placed between two chakras to delete stagnant energy and will activate both chakras.

Purifies your aura.

Releases negative emotional or mental patterns that you may have.

Works like "a light in the dark" its energies will act as a psychic window wash - clearing any debris from your aura.

Allows more light and energy to fill your aura and fills you with hope and enthusiasm. It will illuminate all of your experiences and bring you deeper understanding.

Helps you to integrate your frequencies, so that you can express yourself better, daily.

Excellent for meditation! It unlocks your higher consciousness, allowing you to connect to other realms. Raises consciousness, but also grounds you to reality.

Activates and balances all chakras and will enhance your spiritual awakening.

Makes you more receptive to your spirit guides.

Stimulates clairaudience and radiates the sacred sound of the universe.

Stimulates healing of any kind of dis - ease or healing after surgery.

Helpful for the nervous system and the immune system.

Soothes burns and other skin conditions.

All round pain reliever.

Can help with vertigo.

Promotes physical vitality, treats eating disorders.

Energies of this crystal will make you more receptive to anything that will help you achieve your financial goals.

Will infuse you with creativity, focus, mental clarity and strength of mind.

Brings more, joy and happiness - your relationship will feel like new again.

Carries energies of acceptance.

Whatever causes you pain, sadness or anger from your past, will no longer hold you back.

Gives you the strength to let go of attachments.

Work with to promote contact with ancient cultures in the East, bringing knowledge and information of healing and spirituality to the individual.

Can restore happiness and balance into your life and your relationships, familial and romantic.

7 o the Mohs scale

I love working with this crystal with my Reiki clients it is so powerful!


Energy muse

crystalwizard.com (plus image)


)O( Gypsy Willowmoon Xx

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