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The Goddesses of Ancient Britain - New Course!

We have been very busy behind the scenes at Kitchen Witch HQ and are very excited to finally announce that starting in February 2022, we have a brand new online year long course discovering and journeying with the Goddesses of Ancient Britain.

Many of these Goddesses have been long forgotten and we wanted to find out all that we could about them, work with them, discover their magic and how they were honoured by those that looked up to them many many years ago.

The Goddesses that we will be discovering are: Matres, Arnemetia, Coventina, Verbeia, Rigantona, Senua, Belisama, Sulis, Sabrina, Andred, Elen and Nemetona.

We will be working with one Goddess a month, each one will have its own lesson filled with information to get you started on your own journey of discovery with them, meditation to meet the Goddess, ritual and crafts. The rituals will be held live online once a month, with Rachel, the other students on the course and the Hearth Guardians. Oh, we also have a dedicated Facebook group too!

We cannot wait to get started and are very much looking forward to journeying with you on this fabulous course!

Full details can be found here

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