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Summer Solstice Meditation by Sue Perryman

Taken from Rachel Patterson's 'Grimoire of a Kitchen Witch - An Essential Guide to Witchcraft'.

Join Sue as she guides you through this meditation to connect with the energies of the Summer Solstice here

Make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and focus on your breathing, deep breaths in... deep breaths out...

As your world around you dissipates, you find yourself at the bottom of a grassy hill. It is dark but there is a pathway ahead of you that winds and spirals around the hill and it is lit with flaming torches so that you can find your way.

The air is warm but fresh.. you breathe in the smell of the grass and the night air.

You start to make your way up the pathway. It is quite even but climbs steadily, spiralling around the grassy hill. You make your way up, up and up until as you near the top, you see a tall stone tower standing magnificently on the top of the hill and cutting an imposing shape on the skyline and you realise you have just climbed the Tor in Glastonbury.

There are a few people seated around the base of the stone tower, all peaceful and relaxed, they are waiting for something...

One of them gestures for you to sit on the ground with them, offering you a blanket to sit on, which you do.

You make yourself comfortable and turn to face the direction that all the other people seem to be looking at. They are all watching the horizon.

Then you realise why... as the sun just makes itself known, breaking into the skyline with the first rays of the Summer Solstice. The sight takes your breath away, it is truly beautiful, such a magical feeling.

As the sun shows itself, those around you start to chant, a beautiful lifting sound that takes you with it, sending your senses reeling as you start to feel the magic around you.

You can feel the magic rising from the ground beneath you, it is the Summer Solstice and you are sitting on the underworld home of Gwyn App Nudd, King of the Faeries. Feel the energy rise as the magic of the fae meets the magic of the rays of the Summer Solstice Sun.

This energy creates a balance, one that you can draw from and use in your own life, in your own inner soul.

As the sun continues to rise, the other people start to move and make ready to leave.

You send a blessing of thanks to the fae and start to ready yourself too.

Make your way back down the spiral pathway, winding back down the hill towards the place where you started your journey, taking the magical energy with you.

Slowly and gently bring yourself back to this reality.

Wriggling your fingers and toes and stretching your arms and legs, open your eyes.

photo from Unsplash

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