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Stillbite by Sue Perryman

I recently obtained a lovely raw piece of Stilbite, I felt an instant connection with it and was intrigued to find out more about this beautiful pale pinkish/white crystal.

Stilbite belongs to the Zoisite family of minerals and is often found joined to Apophylite, when their energies are combined they can help to bring the heart and mind together to function as one, helping you to make loving decisions and choices. Stilbite can clear the aura of debris and be placed on the heart or third eye chakra.

Stilbite has a loving, supportive and gentle energy and can be used to enhance your intuition and inspire creativity. It can be used as an aid for spiritual journeying, connecting to deity and for those who have difficulty meditating as it quietens the mind and brings inner peace. It can also be used to bring deep insight and intuitive thoughts to those who need direction on their spiritual path.

Kept under your pillow or on your bedside table, Stilbite can help bring relaxation to help those who suffer from sleep problems, it is known to enhance and increase dreams and protect from nightmares.

Stilbite is a useful crystal to have on hand when mental focus and concentration is needed, it shields the mind from external influences and clears away the annoying brain chatter that constantly threatens to distract us. I have my Stilbite on my lap while I'm typing this, and feel it is definitely helping me feel more focused.


Stilbite is said to heal brain disorders and help rid the system of toxins. It can treat laryngitis, sunburn, strained ligaments and skin pigmentation. Stilbite gently heals emotional issues such as relationship breakdowns and its gentle supportive energy make it an ideal crystal to bring comfort and healing to those suffering from loss and grief.

Colours: White, Pinkish, grey, yellow, red, orange or brown

Magical Properties: Clearing, channelling, Invocation, Meditation, Sleep, Intuition, Focus

Chakra: Heart and Third eye Sources: The Crystal Bible - Judy Hall

New Crystal Bible - Cassandra Eason

The Book of Stones - Robert Simmons & Naisha Ashian

Image - Wikipedia

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