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Spell for Removing an Obstacle by Eve Wadoski Romeijn

Before beginning, think of the goal you have and make a list of what is keeping you from the goal. For example, I wish to be a more successful designer. Things that block me are:

• lack of focus

• lack of time

• a better work area would be nice

• more networking needed

• better marketing strategy

Then gather flat-ish pebbles, one for each of the “blockages” you have. On each, using a dark color, draw a symbol, write the key word or even the first letter of the issue on it, then pile them up to form a wall. Then place a small candle (birthday one is perfect) to represent you next to the pile.

Think of the obstacles and remove them one by one, stating the problem out loud, passing them over the candle, and then a solution. Write that solution on the other side of the pebble and place them next to each other. For example:

• May time not be an issue, instead I will be organized

• May focus not be an issue, may I have determination

• May space not be an issue, may I have freedom to work

• May networking not be an issue, may I be bold

• May marketing not be an issue, may I be creative

Align them in a line creating a “road” to your goal. Meditate on your goal and how you will enact the solutions that you came up with as the candle burns down. Place the stones, solution side up in a place that you will see daily as your work toward your goal.

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