Soothing Lip Balm by Heather

I love lipstick/gloss, the more sparkly, brighter, and bolder the better!

However, last week the corners of my mouth became sore, and lips very dry. To begin I thought I may be having my first ever cold sore, but no blistering occurred, so I went to see the pharmacist, to be informed that the cracks and dryness apparently are another effect of my arthritis. The pharmacist suggested that I should moisturise them more (and wear less lipstick as they all have a drying effect), I explored the options available in shops and realised that the ingredients of the natural balms I had at home, so headed back to research and commence potion making.

The search was interesting, there are many recipes available on the internet, this was the one I decided to try first:


2 tbs of beeswax…vegans can use carnauba wax, but will need to use less

4 tbs of virgin coconut oil

2 tbs oil – olive, sunflower or if you want a very glossy finish castor oil

15 drops of peppermint essential oil (optional)

6 - 8 small containers (you can buy lip balm tubes/pots; I sterilised and used a variety of small jars, etc. that were in the cupboard, 6 in all but by the time I took the picture one had already been grabbed!)


As I followed these instructions, mixing the ingredients, I chanted this little rhyme.

"With thanks for the tips