Solitary Lammas ritual by Sue Perryman

Decorate your altar with symbols and colours of the season. Lammas, or Lughnasadh, celebrates the first harvest of the year, the grain harvest, so you could use:

Corn dollies, wheat, oats and grains, bread, flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables of the season, including poppies, sunflowers, meadowsweet, calendula, mint, cherries, tomatoes, courgettes, raspberries etc. Home grown is perfect, but shop brought is fine.

You will need:

A gold, yellow or orange candle

Incense of your choice

A small jar

Pen and paper

A piece of ribbon or string in a colour of your choice.

Dried sage for wisdom and success.

A small tumble stone that you are drawn to for inner wisdom and knowledge.

A small pebble or a spoonful of soil to represent the Earth Mother

Dried grains to represent the Sun god: wheat, rye, barley etc (porridge oats will be fine)

Something to eat and drink to celebrate the harvest with. Homemade bread is traditional, but you can buy a loaf if that’s not possible.

Light your candle and incense.

If you usually cast a circle, do so now in your preferred way. If you don't normally cast a circle, purify the area first by smudging or asperging. Below is my way of casting a circle which you are welcome to use if you want.

Walk deosil (clockwise) around the circle three times, saying:

" I cast this circle thrice about, to cleanse this space and keep harm out,

Goddess bless this work I do, into my circle I invoke you,