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Smoky Quartz by Sue Perryman

Colour: Smoky brown to dark grey

Chakra: Root

Element: Earth

Planet: Saturn, Jupiter

Zodiac: Capricorn, Sagittarius

Magical Properties: Grounding, centring, focus, negative energy, decisions, cooperation, creativity, emotions, depression, anxiety, jealousy, nature, protection, calming, manifestation, wishes, divination, meditation, insight, guidance, uplifting, fears, relaxation, releasing, abundance, luck, prosperity.

Physical benefits: Restores physical energy after an illness. Believed to help with headaches and chronic pain, adrenal glands, kidneys and pancreas.

Emotional healing: Eases anxiety, insomnia, depression, panic attacks and suicidal thoughts.

Smoky Quartz is a variety of Quartz, which is a silicon dioxide mineral. It varies in colour from very pale tan to dark brown, its colour comes from natural irradiation. It has a hardness of 7 and is found in many countries including Brazil, Australia, Madagascar, Switzerland and the USA. Smoky Quartz used to be mined in the Cairngorm Mountains in Scotland. The area is now a national park, but sometimes pieces can still be found there. They are generally a more yellowish-brown colour and said to bring light into darkness and protect those travelling through dark places or shadow worlds.

A protective stone, Smoky Quartz can be used to protect your home, vehicle and possessions against theft, damage and accidents caused by human error.

Keep Smoky Quartz around your home and workplace to absorb negative energy.

Keep a piece in your vehicle to protect again road rage and stress caused by long journeys or heavy traffic. It can also help with concentration and focus whilst driving.

Smoky Quartz absorbs negative energy and channels it down into the earth to be neutralized naturally and will bring positive energy to fill the space left behind.

Cleanse Smoky Quartz regularly, either by water or smudging with a cleansing herb. It will fade if left in sunlight.

One of the most powerful crystals for grounding, Smoky Quartz has a strong connection with the earth. It can be used in crystal grids and spells for environmental and ecological healing

Holding Smoky Quartz while meditating can raise your vibrations and allow for a deeper and more prolonged meditative state.

Keep a piece of smoky quartz under your pillow or next to your bed to protect against nightmares.

Smoky Quartz will absorb electromagnetic fields emitted by computers and other electronic devices if kept on or beside them.

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1 Comment

Auntie Gloss
Auntie Gloss
Nov 16, 2023

Thanks so much for this. I was given a piece of smokey quartz years ago but I wasn't familiar with its properties and uses. Now I know! Putting the piece near my laptop right now.

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