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Simple 12 Days of Yule Candle Spells ~ Day 1 by Heather

The Yule season is a busy time for everyone, we have posted 12 Days of Yule ideas in the past, if you want to craft something, check out our Kitchen Witch blog -

This year each day we will post a candle spell, which you can do to help you relax during this busy season. There are several ways to do these –

Have one large candle on which you mark twelve sections and burn one section per day.

Use tea lights.

If incorporating colour magic, use small spell, beeswax, or cake candles, so that they get used up and aren’t a fire risk if you need to get on with other things, never leave candle unattended!

Day One

With a pin/needle, mark your candle with the word ‘Peace’, or a sigil which means peace to you. Light your candle, look at the flame and say ‘Peace’ 3 times, and relax.

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