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Silent Candle Ritual by Heather

Source –

Curative Magic by Rachel Patterson

This method works when you don’t want to work with a full ritual. Wake early; if it is still dark then even better. Or work this in the evening when the sun has set.

Make yourself a hot drink and then sit down in a quiet place. Light some candles around the room and turn the electric lights off. Sit down with your cuppa and just enjoy the candlelight and the silence.

Quietly and peacefully sip your drink and focus on breathing deeply and slowly. Inhaling calm air and exhaling any worries. Sit for as long as you want to.

This ritual is so versatile, you can adapt it in so many ways, to build in extra correspondences to boost the energy for your intention –

Candle – the colour, have one or several, maybe anoint it with an oil or herbs, have it in a burner under dry incense to add aroma.

Your drink – herbal, or other flavouring to match your intention, in a mug or in a pot, hot or cold.

A chat about this ritual can be found here

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