Sceptre Quartz by Gypsy Willowmoon

Is a naturally formed member of the quartz family, which formed around a rod. Almost all Sceptres only show basic crystallographic forms, rhombohedra and prism, with no accessorial faces. Sceptre crystals are crystals in which a second-generation crystal tip grew on top of another crystal. In a typical Sceptre Quartz, the younger tip is bigger than the first tip -It can be smaller, which would then be called a 'reverse Sceptre'. To be a Spectre Quartz, the 2nd generation Quartz crystal must grow parallel to the underlying crystal. They come in all shapes and sizes, amethyst, smoky quartz and Elestial crystals.

Sceptres bring energy from the spirit realms into healing ceremonies, focusing the energy deep into the 'heart' of the matter. Excellent for directional work in ceremony, circle or group work.

Boost confidence.

Helps you to see 'the bigger picture' in situations, keeps you in tune with your spirit desires and needs in order to grow spiritually.

Healing wise - It can direct energy directly from source to the area on somebody that requires healing work.

Similar to laser wands, the difference being laser wands are excellent to cut ties and direct blasts of energy to a certain area. Sceptres brings an overall feeling of 'why' that is happening and connects us strongly with the client. Brings more holistic insight and information than laser wands - Perhaps why it is worked with in ceremony and ancient rituals...

Aids communication and connection between yourself and others

Great for getting to the 'root' of an issue and can indicate if the issue is causing problems anywhere else in the body -Which you will intuitively feel.

Sceptres direct the energy exactly where you want it to go - It then seems to expand out and along the nervous system, then moving throughout the entire body.

Also known as The Fertility Stone... POWERFUL! manifesting crystal - MUST BE USED WISELY! MAKE SURE IT IS SOMETHING YOU NEED!

Brilliant for directing energy towards or away from something.

Helps with self-forgiveness.

Brilliant tool to work with to draw negative energy away from someone/something - Just place it with the points facing away from the person to do this.

They combine the elemental energies of storm with the directional power of fire facilitating creativity and encouraging action - Energy powerhouses!

Can be worked with to overcome sexual dysfunction or hormonal imbalances.

Stimulates the emotional body to release anger, fear and resentment.

Stimulates the aura, helping you feel energised and positive.

Opens the creative mind helping to manifest thought into the physical form.

Helps you to align your actions with your ideals.

Reverse Sceptre Quartz points help to open the crown chakra, clear the mind of thought impressions, helping to achieve a state of stillness.

Helps to recognise the duality in our nature, affirming the positive, whilst recognising and releasing the negative behaviour.

Amplifies the effects of other crystals and attunes the treatment to the energy of the individual. Can balance all chakras - Has a special connection to the heart.

The clearer the point, the stronger its ability as a healing tool.

Can be used as an aura wand to cleanse and clear auric energy.

Thought to connect to the etheric layer of the aura - where the reconstructing of our physical, mental, emotional bodies can become unbalanced.

Protects against controlling influences.

Removes stagnant energy and blocks at the deepest level.

Good for fertility dysfunction, is also a sign of power and fertility. Brings courage.

Great for meditation.

Can bring back memories of Atlantis and or Lemuria.

Were worked with in Atlantis and Lemuria in healing ceremonies, were also a symbol of power of the realm; those who wore or carried them were in the position of High Priestess or High Priest.

Sources: The Crystal Bible - Judy Hall

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