Rhubarb by Gypsy Willowmoon

Rheum rhabarbarum. Planet - VenusElement - EarthGender - Feminine

Although we think as rhubarb as a fruit and usually use it in sweet recipes, it is a vegetable.

Being as its ruling planet is Venus, it can also be used in love magic.Rhubarb is said to increase your will power and reduce worry.Serve rhubarb to your lover to place them under your power.

Rhubarb was used during the plague for protection against the black death, so it works very well in protective magic. The leaves, dried and ground up make a good ingredient in a witch bottle or medicine pouches.


A large hardy perennial, can grow to 2 m (6 ft.), on a thick rhizome, with basal clump of palmately lobed leaves. spires of reddish - green flowers arise on long, hollow stems in the summer.

Edible garden rhubarb is from hybrids, developed during the 19th century, of R. rhabarbarum syn. R rhaponticum, and there are now many cultivars. Is slightly laxative but does not have medicinal properties.

Rhizomes - dried for use in decoctions, powders and medicinal preparations.Used in VERY small doses for diarrhoea and gastric upsets, and in larger doses for chronic constipation, also given for gall bladder and Liver complaints. Medicinal rhubarb should not be taken during pregnancy.

Tangy rhubarb & custard muffins:

Makes 12 Ingredients:300 g/ 10 oz./2 cups Self - Raising flour1 tsp - Baking powder1 tsp - ground ginger50 g/1 3/4 oz./ 4 tbsp. -mascarpone125 ml/ 4 fl oz./ 1/2 cup - milk2 eggs, beaten.150 g/ 5 oz./ 2/3 cup - soft brown sugar115 g/ 4oz - butter melted175 g/6 0z - rhubarb, chopped.readymade custard to serve, optional Method - Pre- heat oven to 200 0c/ 400 f / gas mark 6.Grease or line a 12-hole muffin tin. Combine flour, baking powder and ginger, sift into a large bowl. In a large separate bowl, beat the mascarpone until soft, then gradually beat in 1 - 2 tbsp. milk until smooth and creamy, then beat in the rest with the eggs. Stir in the sugar and butter, then add the rhubarb and pour into the dry ingredients.Stir together until just combined, then spoon dollops of the mixture into the prepared muffin tin. Bake for 20 minutes until risen and golden. Leave to cool in the pan for a few minutes, then transfer to a wire rack to cool. Serve on their own or topped with a dollop of fresh custard. Written by)O( Gypsy Willowmoon Xx

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Recipe from Muffin Magic, by Susannah Blake.

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