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Rainbow Meditation by Heather

Taken from Rachel Patterson's Sun Magic book in the Pagan Portal series by Moon Books.

Join Heather as she guides you in the meditation here

Make yourself comfortable in a place where you won’t be disturbed. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing, deep breaths in … deep breaths out.

As your world around you dissipates you find yourself sitting on flat grey rocks. You are surrounded by stone cliffs on two sides; a lush green valley is spread out behind you and in front of you is the most amazing waterfall.

The sky above you is a clear blue and the sun is shining. Take a proper look at your surroundings, feel the stone beneath you and take in the green grass and wild flowers that fill the valley.

Take a deep breath in and fill your lungs with the fresh sweet scent of the air. You can hear birds and cattle away behind you in the distance of the valley. And the sound of the waterfall as it cascades down into a pool is wonderful.

You gaze into the pool in front of you and see the stones and pebbles on the bed beneath the clear water. There are also gorgeous multi coloured fish swimming around just under the surface.

As you look up you follow the water as if falls from the top of the cliff. Your eye catches something and you realise there is a beautiful, breath taking rainbow curving across from the top of the waterfall down into the pool beneath. The colours shimmer in the sunlight and reflect on the water. Take in all the different shades of colour.

Focus on the point where the rainbow hits the pool of water and make a wish … Wait for a moment … you may see a sign or hear some words.

Bask in the sun, listen to the water and take your time soaking up your surroundings.

When you are ready open your eyes and slowly come back to this reality. Wriggle your fingers and toes, drink some water and grab something to eat.

Picture from Unsplash

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