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Planetary Magic: The Moon by Sue Perryman

For most Witches and Pagans the Moon holds a special place in our hearts. She represents the aspects of the Goddess in her phases which also give power to our magical workings. The Moon has long been associated with Witchcraft, magic and the occult and has influenced art, myths, literature and poetry since ancient times.

The gravitational pull of the Moon creates the ocean tides and  for centuries people have believed that the lunar cycle also has an impact on human behaviour, emotions and sleep due to our bodies being mostly made up of water. Pregnant women are also believed by some to be more likely to give birth around the Full Moon. Scientific studies are inconsistent, some agree with the beliefs while others dismiss them.

The Moon is the Earth's only satellite and it is the 5th largest satellite in our solar system. It is thought to have been formed 4.51 billion years ago, not long after the Earth. The Moon does not shine with her own light, she reflects the light of the Sun, which makes her kind of a giant magical mirror.

Although some ancient cultures saw the Moon as feminine and associated with the Goddess, there are others who saw the moon as masculine and associated with the God. The beauty of the pagan traditions and one of the main beliefs that attracts many people to this path is that there are no rules and that includes gender. I am no expert on this, but whatever your gender, look into you heart and go with whatever works with you. Don't let anyone tell you how to work with Deity, it is your path. For the purpose of this blog I am focusing on planetary magic.

There are eight moon phases ( new, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full, waning gibbous, last quarter and waning crescent ) but many witches work with the triple Moon.

The New to Full Moon energy is associated with the Maiden Goddess and is a good time to work magic  for new beginnings, fresh starts, potential, intuition, creativity, planning new projects, energy, growth and change, basically anything that you want to bring towards you or increase.  Maiden Goddess's include Brighid, Hestia, Artemis, Diana, Persephone, Rhiannon and Olwen.

The Full Moon is associated with the Mother Goddess and is a good time to work magic for abundance, fertility, nurturing, protecting, divination, healing and health, dreams, prosperity and love. Mother Goddess's include Isis, Demeter, Durga, Frigga, Gaia, Ceres, Selene and Danu.

The waning and dark moon is associated with the Crone or Wise woman and is a good time to work magic for knowledge, understanding, transformation, death, rebirth, prophecy, power, banishing, releasing negative emotions and energies, breaking down barriers or obstacles in your path. Crone Goddess's include The Callieach, Cerridwen, Baba Yaga, Kali, Annis and Nephthys.

Other witches may work with four phases, the fourth being the waning moon often associated with the Matriarch, others work with all eight phases, it is entirely up to you to decide.


Day: Monday

Colours: Silver, white, lavender, pale blue

Deities: Arianrhod, Selene, Diana, Thoth, Artemis, Luna, Isis, Set, Hecate, Mani, Alignak, Cerridwen, Chang'e, Coyolxauhq, Sina.

Metal: Silver

Crystals: Beryl, Black Onyx, Moonstone,Opal,  Pearl, Quartz Crystal, Selenite

Herbs & Plants/ oils / incense: Aloe, Birch. Bladder Wrack, Calamus, Camellia, Chickweed, Dittany, Dulse, Eucalyptus, Evening Primrose, Gourd, Honesty, Hyssop, Iris, Jasmine, Juniper, Lemon Balm, Lily, Mallow, Mugwort, Myrtle, Poppy, Rose, Sandalwood ( white) Sweetpea, Willow, Wormwood, Lily of the Valley, Lotus, Mandrake, Waterlily.

Number: 9

Shape: Crescent

Angel: Gabriel

Influences: Astral travel, birth, change, children, divination, dreams, family, emotions, fertility, hypnotism, illusion, mysteries, the Sea, Spirituality, Transformation.

Animals: Boar, cat, dog, fish, hart, hare, horse, owl.

Astrological Sign: Cancer

Food: Blueberry, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, butter, cabbage, cauliflower, caviar, coconut, crab, cucumber, grapes, gravy, ice-cream, kiwi, lemon,lettuce, melon, milk, mushroom, oyster, papaya, poppy seeds, potato, pumpkin, soya, water, white wine, yogurt.

Tarot Cards: The Moon, The High Priestess.

A Full Moon spell bag to enhance your dreams.

Remembering your dreams can be really useful. It can help you answer questions or can be used as a form of divination. Keeping a dream journal can really help, but most of us only remember the really vivid dreams that we occasionally have.

This spell bag will enhance your dreams, so you can remember them, write them in your journal and interpret them.

You will need:

A spell bag or piece of material and ribbon to tie it in a colour associated with the moon, or one that you are drawn to use.

Crystals associated with the moon and/ or dreams, or those you are drawn to use. I used: Moonstone, Lepidolite, Clear Quartz, Green Aventurine, Kyanite and Jade.

Dried herbs/ plants associated with the moon and/or dreams, or those you are drawn to  use. I used: Mugwort, Jasmine flowers and Eucalyptus bark.  

I wanted nine items in my spell bag as nine is the number of the moon.

Charge all of your chosen crystals and herbs and place them in your bag. Stand somewhere in or out doors where you can either see or feel the energy of the moon ( even if it is cloudy she is still there) Hold the bag between both hands, lift your hands up to the moon and say:

" Lady Luna shine down on me on this full moon night enhance my dreams, while I sleep with your beautiful light."   Or use words of your own.

Pop your spell bag under or beside your pillow. Keep a notebook or dream journal and pen beside your bed and write down any dreams that you remember on waking.

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