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Pine Trees by StormloverWolf

Latin References: Pinus Sylvestris (Scotch Pine); Pinus Strobus (White Pine); Pinus Resinosa (Red Pine); Pine Virginiana (Scrub Pine); and Pine Aroistata (Bristlecone Pine)

Elements:  Air and Fire

Goddesses:  Aphrodite, Artemis, Astarte, Cybele, Diana, Ishtar, Isis and Venus.

Gods:  Attis, Bacchus, Dionysis, Hermod, Mithia, Pan and Vulcan.

Other “beings” associated with Pines:  Dwarves, Elves, Faeries.

Zodiac Sign:  Cancer, Capricorn

Celestial Bodies:  Jupiter, Mars

Gemstones:  Black opals, onyx

Colour:  Black

Energies:  Both feminine and masculine

Healing:  Pine nuts are a great source of potassium, magnesium, vitamin E and carotenes.  Needle preparations (ointments, teas, bath and inhalations) are disinfectants, diuretics and relaxing.  These can sooth coughs, clear the head of congestion, stimulate the lungs and improve circulation.

Pines comprise more than 90 species throughout the northern hemisphere.  The long needle like leaves are born in bundles.  Pines like a lot of light and very few species can tolerate smoke polluted air.  Pines have been known and cherished as the home for “divine beings”.

Pines are sacred to the Druids.  The Pine was known as one of the 7 chieftain trees of the Irish.  Mix the dried needles with equal parts juniper and cedar and burn to purify your home and ritual areas.  The cones and nuts can be carried as a fertility charm.

A good magical cleansing and stimulating bath is made by placing pine needles in a loosely woven bag and running the bathwater over it as you fill your tub or letting it soak in the bath with you for a time.

To purify and sanctify an outdoor ritual area, sweep the ground with a pine branch.


Sources:  Sandra Kynes: “Wisper from the Woods”

               Fred Hagender: “The Meaning of Trees”

               D. J. Conway: “Celtic Magic”

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