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Pet Blessing by Sue Perryman

When I was sorting out my Book of Shadows recently I came across a pet blessing poem that I’d copied from somewhere years ago. I hadn’t added the source or the name of the poet so I thought I’d write my own. I am not a poet by any means, so this simple blessing is what I eventually came up with to bless my dog Izzy. 


Water: You can use spring water, moon water or good old tap water that you have blessed.

A Candle 

A small bowl or dish to pour your water into, you will only need a small amount

A  small tumblestone or pebble that you are drawn to

Your pet!

Light your candle and pour a small amount of your water into the dish

Stroke your pet, when you are ready dip your finger into the water, shake off any drips then place it on your pets forehead and say:

I call to the Horned God, protector of all creatures

I ask you to watch over ( pets name)

Loyal companion and loving friend

Keep her/him happy and healthy

And safe from all harm

Let her know only love

In this life and the next

Blessed Be’

Hold the crystal or pebble in your hand and charge it with love and protection. This can be placed under your pets bed.  Then give your pet a treat :)

Let the candle burn down if you can keep an eye on it. If not, then snuff it out and relight later.

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