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Parvati is a Hindu Goddess associated with family, happiness, love loyalty & marital bliss. Being a Goddess of fertility, Parvati is great to work with for help with marriage, parenting and fertility issues.

Parvati has many other names and aspects including Durga, Shakti & Kali.

Parvati is known for her strength, devotion and determination.

Parvati was so devoted to Shiva that some people say that worshipping Shiva alone, will bring no results, unless you also worship Parvati.

In some stories Parvati is the Mother of Ganesha - Shiva's wife Parvati, wished to bathe, while Shiva was away. She had no one to guard the door, so, she formed a boy from clay and breathed life into him. She gave him instructions to let no one enter and disturb her.

Shiva later returned and was very angry when the child refused to let him see Parvati. In anger Shiva cut off the child's head. Parvati came running out - horrified by what Shiva had done, she told him that the child was theirs.

Full of remorse for his actions, Shiva left to find a replacement head for the child, a young elephant was the first creature that Shiva saw -  so he took the elephant head to restore Ganesha and bring him back to life.

Often depicted as a family woman with Shiva by her side and a young Ganesha sitting on her lap.

In her aspect of Durga, she is seen dressed in red, with her arms full of weapons, riding a lion.

Sometimes Parvati is depicted carry the Trishula trident - like Shiva.

Its 3 prongs are said to represent the 3 qualities/gunas: tamas, rajas & satwa.

Parvati is worshipped at the holiday of Navrati -  Durga, Kali & Shakti are also honoured at this time, and they are all connected.

Like her consort Shiva, Parvati is said to have both mild and dreadful aspects.

Other names that Parvati is known by - Lalita, Uma, Gauri, Kali, Durga& Haimavati.

As Lalita, Parvati represents the aspect of beauty.

2 of Parvati's fierce aspects are Durga - Goddess beyond reach and Kali - Goddess of destruction.

As the Mother of the universe, Parvati is known as Amba and Ambika -which means Mother.

With her consort Shiva and their children Ganesha & Kartikeya, they are seen as the ideal family.

Also known as Daughter of the Mountain.

After the death of Shivas first love Sati, Shiva hid himself away in a dark cave, in the snow-covered peaks of the Himalayas. He was so devastated by his loss, that he turned his back on the outside world.

Demons led by Taraka, came up from the netherworld, driving the Devas and Gods from the Heavens. The Gods searched for a warrior to help them to get back into the Heavens.

"Only Shiva can father such a warrior”, said Brahma.

Shiva still hidden away in meditation, was unaware of all the problems happening around him.

The Gods invoked the Mother Goddess, who appeared to them as Kundalini, a coiled serpent. " I will coil myself around Shiva, wean out his knowledge & energy for the good of the world and make him father a child", said Shakti.

Shakti took birth as Parvati-daughter of the Himavan, Lord of the Mountains - determined to lure Shiva out of hiding and make him her consort.

Everyday Parvati would go to Shiva's cave hideout & decorate with flowers and clean for him, offering him fruits - hoping she would win his love and affection. Shiva never stopped meditating to look at her. Furious, Parvati called on Priti and Roti, Goddesses of love and longing, to rouse Shiva from his meditations.

The Goddesses entered Shiva's cave and transformed it into a place of pleasure.

Kama - Lord of desire, guided by Priti and Roti, shot his sugarcane bow- shooting arrows dripping with desire into Shiva's heart. Shiva was not amused to say the least! He opened his 3rd eye, releasing the flames of fury -  burning Kama into a pile of ashes....

The Gods were frightened, that without Kama - the lord of desire, that man and woman would no longer embrace, and that life would end.

" I shall find another way to Shiva' heart. When Shiva becomes my consort, Kama will be reborn again", said Parvati.

Parvati went to the forest and performed tapas - deep meditation. Wearing nothing to protect her from the elements, taking no sustenance. She earned the admiration of the forest hermits who called her Aparna.

Aparna matched Shiva in his ability to seclude himself from others and master her body’s needs.

The power of Parvati 's tapas shook Shiva from his meditative state, he walked out of his cave and accepted her as his wife.

They married in the presence of the Gods, after the sacred rites. Shiva took

Parvati to the highest peak of the cosmos, Mount Kailasa, the central point of the universe -  As the world revolved around them, the two became one and Kama was reborn.

The Hariyali Teej festival is celebrated in August (date varies) to remember the union between Lord Shiva & Goddess Parvati - the day he accepted Parvati as his wife. This is a very colourful celebration- especially for the women.

Swings are hung from trees or placed in courtyards of homes and decorated with flowers. Young girls and married women apply mehndi or henna tattoos, beautiful saris are worn& jewellery. People visit temples to offer special prayers to Goddess Parvati. A special sweet called 'ghewar' is made and handed out as prasad or 'divine offering'.

Parvati embodies the creative energy of the universe.

Parvati is associated with the # 9.

Her breasts may be bare in some pictures, which was only allowed for the most divine Goddess.

Parvati's eyes are often half open, as she emerges from her state of meditation.

Parvati was also worshipped as a Goddess of harvest & a protector of women.

The annual Gauri festival is held in Parvati's honour.

Often seen holding a rosary, bell, citron and a mirror in each of her four hands.

A Parvati mantra:

Sarva Mangala Maangalye, Shive Sarvaartha Saadhike

Sharanye Tryambake Gauri, Naaraayanii Namostute.

Goddess Parvati is the auspiciousness of all that is auspicious. She is the consort of Lord Shiva who grants every desire of one’s heart.

I adore such Devi Parvati, who loves all her children. I bow to the great Mother, who has given me refuge.

Oh, Goddess Parvati

Share with me your powerful yet gentle strength,

So that I might devote myself to bringing more beauty and soul into my life.

)O( Gypsy Willowmoon Xx


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