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Pagan Portals: The Art of Lithomancy by Jessica Howard. Book Review by Helen Brambley

Divination has always fascinated me as a subject, the knowledge that, if you can tap into the energy of the universe, it can give you pointers to direct you through the medium of things like lithomancy sets, so I was excited to read this book.

The author's name rang a bell with me, so I typed it into Facebook and discovered it was the Jessica I had met at a Kitchen Witch open ritual and admired her fabulous magpie tattoo! Small world. Seeing people I know in real life having books published makes me want to do it too - I'd love to write about Nemetona, but anyway, I digress!

Many books about divination either touch upon all areas briefly or focus on the main types such as tarot, runes or scrying, so it's a real treat to have a book solely about the lesser known art of lithomancy and benefit from the research and personal experience that Jessica provides. She packs a lot of information in such a tiny book; detailing 3 main types of set which can be used, giving examples of meanings to assign to each stone or item in a set. These meanings are excellent starting points for beginners, however throughout, Jessica emphasises the need for the reader to connect to the items they choose and use themselves, trusting in intuition for their own meanings, picking what feels right for them. She gives helpful tips for how to imbue the stones/objects with the intent they will represent which in turn ensures a more powerful connection to your divination tools and therefore more purposeful readings. There are also example readings included, which are accompanied with helpful diagrams to support the explanation for how to interpret groupings of stones during a reading.

For me, the most interesting chapter was the one explaining how to use a chakra lithomancy set - a fascinating idea combining chakra energy healing work and divination. This book has made me want to go and dig out my lithomancy set (which I actually made years ago at a Kitchen Witch workshop) and give it another go!

As Jessica says: 'Lithomancy is a lot of fun; from creating your own sets, to the actual readings themselves, it is a great divination method to pick up and have a go with. Best of all, it really can be tailored to you and your preferences and symbolism and can grow with you as you become more skilled in your practice.'

A definite 5/5 cauldrons for this one, which is available to buy now!

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