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Pagan Portals: Scrying by Lucya Starza - Book Review by Helen Brambley - Hedgerow Witch

From the absolute beginner to the more experienced practitioner, this book has so much to offer and is a fantastic resource for those who are drawn to the art of scrying.

Although I would count myself as 'experienced' at divination, scrying is something I have never had any particular success with, which has, until now, put me off. However this book, with Lucya's hints, tips and advice throughout every chapter, gave me food for thought and new ideas to try.

The book is organised into useful sections including an excellent historical background, preparations and numerous methods for scrying - including some guided meditations, a way of scrying I had previously not even considered - as well as ways to interpret the symbols and shapes you might see. And if you feel uncertain after all of this information, there is even a chapter for problem solving and frequently asked questions, reiterating that, as for any skill, scrying takes practise and not every method will work for you straight away, so don't give up, just use another approach.

From a personal perspective, I love the style in which the book is written. My favourite pagan authors are those who have an easy to read style, which makes you feel like they are in your front room with you, chatting over a coffee.

As a huge science fantasy geek, Lucya had me from the introduction with her first mention of scrying in Lord of the Rings, which is a perfect link into the way scrying works and what it can show you. I love the humour within the book, giving me the knowledge that I can use anything to scry, even a dog's bottom (to find out more, read this book!) and there is an abundance of practical exercises to try at the end of each chapter to build up your skill set. This book may include traditional interpretations for what you might see during scrying but, importantly, Lucya emphasises the need to go with what things mean for you personally, rather than rigidly sticking to lists of meanings.

I will end this review with a quote from the book, which I thoroughly recommend:

'sometimes the visions we see when scrying might...seem fantastical. Fantastical things are full of symbolism that can resonate with us on a deeper level than things of the mundane world. That is one of the mysteries of magic that scrying can reveal.'

A definite 5/5 cauldrons for this book, which is released on February 25th 2022.

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I’ve just pre ordered the scrying book… thanks for the info. X

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