Odin - All Father by Gypsy Willowmoon

Odin is a God in the Norse pantheon, King of the Aesir.

His name means " fury" or " frenzy"

Odin is a God of war & death, ecstasy but also a Sky God, God of wisdom, magic & poetry - bringing ideas and inspiration. Especially associated with the runes & Mans consciousness of inner divinity. The shaper of Wyrd (fate, the past actions that continually effect and condition the future) & the bender of Orlog (destiny, the future that effects the past)

Wednesday is named after Odin - coming from his old English name Woden - Wodensday.

He ruled from his palace in Valhalla - the heavenly realm of Asgard. From here he watches over warriors whom have fallen in battle, they would be delivered to him by the Valkyries - Odin would give them food and shelter and prepare them for Ragnarok - The final battle of the Norse Gods.

Odin was gifted with the skills of magic, divination & knowledge. Knowledge came to him by sacrificing his eye at The Well of Urd - Odin asked Mimir for a drink from the well. Mimir knew the knowledge contained within the water, refusing to quench Odin's thirst, unless Odin offered an eye in return.

Also known as a shapeshifter & for his sly and treacherous nature.

He has 2 ravens Hugin (thought) & Munin (memory), wolves Geri & Freki both thought to mean " The greedy one" or "The ravenous one" and an 8-legged horse called Sleipnir, (pronounced Slayp-neer) meaning "Slippy" or "Slipper - Who can travel at great speeds.

Odin is also known as a Shaman - He often travels to distant lands on his own volition or on errands for others. Whilst travelling to these lands he appears asleep or even dead to those who may see him. Shamans typically go through a death and rebirth, to acquire his or her powers. Odin did this by sacrificing himself to himself. He hung himself from the Yggdrasill tree for 9 days & nights, with no sustenance. At the end of the 9 days Odin was "given" the Runes.

The Runes are written letters used by the Norse & Germanic peoples, before they adopted the Latin alphabet in The Middle Ages. The Runes are symbols of some of the most powerful forces in the world. Rune means both "letter" and "secret/mystery".

The Runes allow you to access, work with and influence the forces that they symbolise.

Married to Frigg.


Astrological sign - Sagittarius

Colours - black (revenge, darkness) orange, red (healing, justice & weather)

Day- Wednesday & Saturday

Incense - dragons blood, pine, sandalwood.

Plants - beech, ferns, maidenhair, mandrake, marjoram, Valerian, yew.

Rules - the arts, civilisation, creativity, death & rebirth, divination, fate, healing, horses, initiation, inspiration, justice, knowledge, law, logic, love & romance, magic, medicine, music, poetry, prophecy, the runes, self-sacrifice, storms, thought war, weapons, wild hunt, wisdom, words of power. Work with Odin for any of the above

Crystals - Agate, carnelian, gold, jet, & onyx.

Symbols - Blue cloak & floppy hat, raven, eagle & wolf amongst other animals.




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