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Ocean Jasper by Vanessa Armstrong

ocean jasper

The ocean is something that has resonated with me for a while. I spend a lot of time walking along my local shore with my dog and it’s time for me to connect with the elements, look at the wildlife and see Mother Nature at work.

I’ve written about ‘white horses’ of the sea, which then led me to invoke Poseidon at a recent Kitchen Witch ritual, so it was no surprise that Ocean Jasper called me at a mooch around a local crystal shop.

My piece is an unpolished triangle - creamy brown with a couple of deep green circles on one side.

Ocean Jasper which is also known as Ocean Orbicular Jasper, Cellular Jasper and Atlantis Stone, is quite a rare stone, only being found in Madagascar. It is a member of the quartz family and can be found in a variety of colours - brown, green and white being the most common with yellow, pink, grey and black also found.

Holding the crystal, it has a soft energy. Meditating with it brings feelings of floating on calm seas, my mind thinking deep thoughts. Clarity, vision and understanding. It was quite interesting to learn that Ocean Jasper has a strong and positive heart-based energy, giving you feelings of hope, joy and happiness. In other words, love your life! Let go of the past, focus on now.

This stone will promote change - for the better! It will allow you to throw away old habits and ways that you know are no good for you. Meditate with Ocean Jasper and let it do some work for you.

Ocean Jasper has many properties and connects with the throat, heart and solar plexus chakras - keeping you balanced and centred, allowing you to voice your thoughts from deep within, positively and calmly. It can also help you on a physical level in that area too: aiding the digestive system, eliminating bloating. It’s also useful for the female reproductive system particularly Pre-Menstrual Tension.

It’s a wonderful stone for, surprise! relieving water retention and is said to aid in salt baths and with hydrotherapy too. Carry a piece with you to help with nausea. Travel sickness comes to mind - I would imagine that with sea sickness, Ocean Jasper would be most useful.

Ocean Jasper can also be used in your magical workings too. "it will keep you organised and on track" - this is definitely one that I will keep by my side then. But it will also ensure that you keep a work/family time balance. Work with Ocean Jasper for abundance spells, adding it to other Jaspers for a super prosperity boost.

Ocean Jasper is a talisman of patience. Things that you want, need to be worked for, not expected. Working with this stone will encourage you to wait, to understand that if things are meant to be, they will happen only when the time is right.

A very useful crystal for all things positive, that's got to be a good thing, right?

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