Nuummite by Gypsy WillowMoon

Colour - Black

Appearance - opaque with scintillating flashes.

Source - Greenland and Canada.

Nuummite is the sorcerer's stone.

Powerfully protective against ill wishes and psychic manipulation.

An exceptional energy tool for those whom are evolved enough to work with its intense energy...

Very effective in pulling out negative energy when it is wand shaped.

For ritual work - set in silver and combine with Tugtupite.

Spiritually it helps to see past the guise or mask, often presented.

A very protective stone, that strengthens the aura.

Perfect for Underworld journeys.

It shields from sight - and safeguards your car.

Karmically, it helps to recognise past life contacts.

Activates the past life and Soma chakras.

Clears blockages, especially those that are self-imposed...

Dissolves defence behavioural patterns.

Powerfully grounding.

Combines well with Novaculite to release curses, past-life issues and the effects of sorcery or ill wishing from any life. Useful combination for psychic surgery.

Beneficial for insomnia, stress, degenerative dis-eases, tissue regeneration, Parkinson's disease, headaches, insulin regulation, the eyes, brain, kidneys and nerves.

One of the oldest minerals on Earth, formed over 3 Billion years ago, brings stability and grounding energies to help you sleep.

Needs to be worked with respectfully with the right intention or the energy will rebound.

Placed on the Some chakra it draws out karmic debris out of the physical and emotional bodies.


Crystal Bible 2 - Judy Hall

New crystals -Judy Hall

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